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2 Most Appealing and Resourceful Beaches in The Southeast Nigeria and Their Locations.

A beach is a stretch of land that extends along the shore of an ocean, lake, or river and is narrow and gently sloping. Beaches are covered in sand, pebbles, boulders, and bits of seashell.

The majority of beach materials result from weathering and erosion. The Old English word “beach” is “baece” (stream).

Beaches were the term used for the round, weathered stones that lined the British coastline during the reign of King Henry VIII. Because ‘Strand’ sounded more like a sandy beach, perhaps they chose the phrase exclusively for a pebble beach.

Beaches provide a barrier against the intense winds and waves of powerful storms or choppy seas, protecting people who live close to the ocean.

Beaches are significant for the economy as well. One of the most popular nature-based outdoor activities in Nigeria is relaxing on a beach.

Quality of the sea (cleanliness, visibility, colour), rubber quality (softness and suitability for walking barefoot), cleanliness of beach weather (warm and pleasant).

Value for money in relation to the destination nation: is what distinguishes a good beach from a bad beach.

Beach types include;

Rocky beaches: These serve to avoid the creation of sandy beach deposits by being created by eroding coastal cliffs, which crumble into a variety of forms and sizes of rocks along the shoreline.

Pebble Beaches, Boulder Beaches, Cave Beaches, Glass Beach, Urban Beaches, Sand Beaches, and Seashell Beaches are a few more.

Going to the beach has positive effects on general well being. It’s beneficial to your mental health to get sun and ocean air exposure. It lessens tension.

Your blood pressure and stress hormone levels can be reduced while you’re in nature, a place you feel safe.

It makes you happier. Spending time at the beach boosts relaxation and self-esteem.

Every time you walk on wet sand, feel the wind on your face, or smell the salty air of the sea, you get a sense of satisfaction.

You always feel content and at ease when you are at the beach.

The negative ions in the ocean air—oxygen ions with an extra electron attached, created by water molecules—can actually aid in brain relaxation.

Additionally, negative ions have been found to have a strong anti-depressant effect. It is because it has the ability to influence our thoughts in a favorable way.

The beach is universally acknowledged as the “happy place” of beach goers. We feel all giddy when we envision our next trip there, and for the majority of us, simply getting away from our regular routine is enough of an excuse to visit the beach.

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In terms of water activities, there are parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, kayaking, and swimming for both adults and children. Pick a sport you enjoy, then participate in it to experience the rush it offers.

There are many beaches in Nigeria. A lot of people think there are no beaches in the southeast, but they’re, though only a very few.

The two different places with beaches with golden sand are Unwana and Ndibe, both in Afikpo LGA, Ebonyi state, which is in the Eastern portion of Nigeria.

The areas are great for sporting, fishing, boating, and picnics. Furthermore, others includes; Oguta, Akwuke beaches e. t. c .

1. Unwana Golden Sand Beach, Unwana, Ebonyi State.

Unwana - Wikipedia

From a visitor’s view point;

“Can anything good come out of Nazareth, as Nathanael questioned Philip in the Bible? Similarly, Ebonyi state—the salt of the nation—is questioned.

And I’m encouraging everyone to visit this state, which is blessed with a wealth of untapped tourist attractions and natural resources.

I consider it my obligation to visit as many attractions as I can whenever I have the opportunity to travel to the state and to promote it to the rest of the globe.

The state of Ebonyi is really more blessed than what we read in the media. I’ve been traveling a lot this year, and one of the most recent spots I visited was the Unwana Golden Sand Beach in Afikpo North Local Government, Ebonyi State.

Even though I have been to Ebonyi State several times, my trip to the golden sand beach in Unwana is an experience I will never forget.

I went exploring on this beach with Olariwaju, a friend from high school.

Waju has visited other beaches, but never Unwana beach.

He decided to accompany me on the tour because he had heard so many good things about the beach.

We drove to the beach, which is only five minutes away from the Late Dr. Ezeogo Akanu Ibiam junction, when he arrived with two of his buddies. When we first saw the beach with the golden sand from a distance, we were overjoyed.

I informed Waju that we would be leaving the beach in a canoe to travel to the golden sand, where we could unwind and enjoy some leisure activities.

He agreed, but two of his buddies were reluctant to walk across the beach, so I made an effort to persuade them that we should take advantage of everything this beach has to offer.

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They finally consented, and we go on the boat. I took a glance around the boat because I could see the beach and the host town better.

I didn’t actually see the host town, but I did had a better grasp of why it is termed ‘a city on a hill’. We sailed for about three minutes before arriving at the stunning golden sands.

The best snorkeling is at this beach. Tourists and visitors can enjoy a boat excursion around Unwana Beach. The beach includes a lovely area for picnics and tanning.

I tried going fishing, and the experience was wonderful, in my opinion.

The Unwana golden sand beach is tranquil and peaceful with a beautiful view, so there is nothing to worry about while you’re there.

We explored this fantastic beach for hours. With several locals we met there, we played football and participated in high jumping and other leisure activities.

I’m still struggling to find the appropriate phrase to describe how I feel because the entire experience has been extraordinary.

Every time I think back on my beach trip, I get the need to go back.

In fact, Ebonyi State has attractions for tourists in addition to the Uburu Salt Lake, a natural salt lake. Infrastructure and publicity are what they lack.

The ideal time to travel is from December through February which is during the dry season.

Make sure to bring a lunchbox with you or make arrangements with a nearby restaurant for food and drink while you travel.

This is crucial because we traveled there without food in the hopes of finding any when we arrived. We briefly considered returning to find a store to make a purchase of food in order to continue the enjoyment.

After enjoying some leisure pursuits, we boarded the boat once more to travel to the opposite side, where Olariwaju had parked his car, as it was beginning to become dark.

In truth, it was a fantastic location to travel to and explore”.

2. Ndibe Golden Sand Beach, Ebonyi State

Ndibe golden sand beaches, South east

Ndibe golden sand beach, South east

In addition to being a beach, Ndibe Golden Sand Beach in Ebonyi State, Nigeria, also doubles as a recreational park.

Boat sailing is one of the most entertaining water-related activities to do.

It’s a fantastic idea to visit a Golden Sand Beach. It is ideal for picnics, refreshments, and recreational activities in addition to boat cruising.

It serves as a source of sand for local sand sellers and builders.

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Fishing is a common form of employment there. In the Afikpo LGA of Ebonyi state is Golden Sand Beach, often referred to as Ndibe Sand Beach.

Picnics, relaxing, sunbathing, canoe racing, sport fishing, swimming, fishing, and yachting are all excellent activities here including shellfish research, among other things.

The beach is constantly bustling with events on the weekends and during special occasions, and there are always plenty of people present and nearby hotels where they can stay the night.

The golden sand beaches of Unwana and Ndibe are each in a distinct location, yet they are both managed by the same local authority, Afikpo-North Local Government Area.

The two fantastic beaches have one thing in common: Golden sand which is also one of the major attractions in Ebonyi state.

The location is perfect for leisure time and other recreational pursuits.

This beach is ideal for picnics, shell-hunting expeditions, sport fishing, sunbathing, boating, and canoe racing.

These beaches can be found in Unwana and Ndibe in Afikpo North LGA, respectively.

These two beaches are a part of the wide, beautiful beaches with golden sand that line the Cross River basin.

On weekends and public holidays, they are typically a hive of activity as partygoers and other social gathering participants congregate there. Both are great for lounging, canoe racing, swimming, sport fishing, and sunbathing.

From Abakaliki, you may reach Ndibe Beach by going through the Amuro/Mgbom roundabout in Afikpo. Ozizza and Kpoghiri Kpo Beach, both in the Afikpo-North LGA, are additional beaches in the Ebonyi State.

Ndibe Beach, which is a large stretch of beaches with golden sand along the Cross River basin and is part of the Afikpo-North Local Government Area, is a great place to unwind.

One of the most well-rounded escapist beach destinations in the nation may be created by combining the spectacle of the beach with an abundance of activities to partake in, such as snorkeling, rock and shell discovery, sport fishing, sunbathing, and canoe racing.

Others (not verified by us) may include;

Oguta beach in Imo,

Kalabari beach, Oguta, Imo,

Akwuke beach,

Ozziza and Kpoghirikpo beaches in Afikpo, Ebonyi State.

There are many other tourist water bodies to see that would marvel you in the Southeast not necessarily beaches including the popular, Oguta lake in Imo, Nike lake in Enugu, Agulu Lake in Anambra and many more others including ancient caves and waterfalls.

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