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3 Solid Skills That Will Fetch You A Job in Awka

3 Solid Skills That Will Fetch You A Job in Awka

Skill acquisition is now becoming a necessity in, not just Awka but, Nigeria as a whole. In a nation where the rate of unemployment and poverty is alarmingly high, skills are the best bet for landing a good-paying job. In developed countries, vocational skills are being incorporated into the educational system despite the availability of jobs and a greater chance of living a better life. Sadly, third world countries like ours, have not been able to emulate this policy, rather we’ve based our educational policy on academic rituals and general processions. Graduates now seek any job that can be found to a satisfactory or well-deserved job. Undergraduates study courses that may not even have sectors in the economy. Most people are even employed in areas that they wouldn’t have dreamed of specialising in because of the unavailability of jobs in the country. Skills can, however, still be learnt with or without formal education and most skills can afford you a better living than the job you might land after four or five years of toiling in a higher institution.

For these reasons, and many others, the importance of learning a skill or two is extremely mandatory for a citizen of this nation. What’s more? You’ll need little to learn these skills till you’re ready to expand. These days, there are free skill acquisition training programmes, so all you may need to learn is just diligence and motivation and you’ll be well on your way to earning huge sums that your professional job may not be able to bring in for you. 

    Some of such skills that can land you a good-paying job in Awka, or anywhere else for that matter, include:


  • Digital or IT Skills:

3 Solid Skills That Will Fetch You A Job in Awka

This is a profitable skill that can rake in a lot of money at the end of a working month. Digital services are more sought after now than ever before as people and institutions need tech services for their day to day transactions. Thanks to the internet, the world is more increasingly a global village and many people are looking for how to reach out to more people in this big, limitless cyberspace. Digital skills are a hot commodity to possess and the jobs popping up every day for this niche are too numerous for the skilled hands available. The demand for skilled individuals are almost as high – or even higher – as the earnings that are associated with these digital jobs. Some jobs in this field entails: Blogging, Coding, digital marketing, Web and Graphics designs, game development, etc. Learning skills related to these help you earn more by doing some of the most flexible and fun operations. This skill is one of the most important in landing a good-paying job.




  • Driving Services:

3 Solid Skills That Will Fetch You A Job in Awka

People and goods need to be transported almost every day so this business is one that will ensure constant cash in your pockets. This service requires only that you learn how to drive and have access to a vehicle and you’re in good business. My personal survey, I estimated that Taxi drivers can earn between N5,000 to N20,000 per day just taking people from one place to the other. Registering with logistic companies like Uber, bolt etc or even as an airport taxi guarantees you more earnings. Commercial driving is one sector that’s booming these days because this business continues to bring in reasonable cash as long as your car can still run. Getting started is no big deal at all and doesn’t require too much talent. If you don’t have a car, feel free to purchase on even on a loan because the cash flow is huge enough to enable you to pay back the loan amount in the shortest possible time and afford you a comfortable living. We’re living in dangerous times though, so do ensure that you get your car insured.




  • Catering Services

3 Solid Skills That Will Fetch You A Job in Awka

The three basic need of man: Clothing, Shelter and Food. Of these three, Food is far more important. This current heatwave is a good example of how you can go days or weeks without clothing…I wish it were just a joke. You can do without shelter, although I can’t start imagining the many unpleasantries that are associated with such living. The last of these three you can’t do without for long is food. A day without eating and it’ll already start telling on you. Lack of energy to do anything at all. Food is our energy source, our battery, our fuel! You can’t run a car without fuel or energy in the same way you can’t function as a human being without food. This reason alone is enough to put this skill at the top of our list. Food services are forever needed. It is a daily affair that we have no choice over. This is why catering is a unique skill to learn. Catering services are always in demand. There’s always an event happening here and there and even if there isn’t, the event of sustaining oneself is ever continual, so catering service is a very lucrative one to learn.


 The number of skills needed to earn a decent living is plenty enough for individuals to choose the most appealing ones to them. Even skills that are not appealing will eventually become a passion once you understand the earning capacity of such skills. The most important things are the zeal to make a better life, the dedication and diligence to learn the skill and the consistency, patient and effort you put into the job you do. To me, those are even more important than the skills you choose to learn because a sound mindset is limitless.

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