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Top 10 Businesses You Can Do In Awka

It’s no news that businesses keeps us engaged and puts cash in our pocket when managed properly.

Choosing a location has a big stake on business types, as the nature of one location depends on the kind of businesses to be set there in.

Awka being the capital of Anambra state with a growing population and having new for the upspring of new businesses will be analysed in this post as a location, drawing a line as to the top 10 businesses one can do in awka, making lots of profits out of them.

1. Restaurant Business:

As population keeps increasing around Awka, so also the need for more restaurants/eateries. People eat every day, as so, restaurants make sales every day. One of the major challenges facing restaurant business around awka, is the flexibility of operation.

Most people are willing to pay for and love home/office deliveries of their food from these restaurants, but only very few of them have been able to keep up to this task.

2. Transport Business:

The daily runs of people from home to work places, to market, churches and anywhere their attention is needed, depends they be transported from one place to another by some means.

It could be by taxi, buses, mini-buses, tricycles or motorcycles. 

This need to move from one place to another at some point in time by people have made the transport business very large, as those who embark on such businesses around Awka make tones of cash from them.

3. Cooking Gas Business:

A drastic shift have been made by people who reside around awka, as they have taken to using cooking gas for all forms of their cookings, other than the initially used kerosene.

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This change by many in the fuel used in cooking their food has led to an increase in the demand of cooking gas and the sale of its accessories like burners, cylinders e.t.c.

Around Awka, those into this business make a reasonable amount of sale daily.

4. Super-market Business:

Super market and mini stores serve a lot of purpose and relief people off stress from running far distances to get basic utilities, especially when located around residential areas. 

Awka still remains a nice location to locate a super market or a mini-store to serve the ever rising population’s needs.

5. Café Business:

Awka, especially around Ifite where students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University reside is a large space for café business. As it provides students an aid to run their assignments, project and seminar works, access internet, run various online registration, e.t.c.

A café business around Awka, can be a way of making fortune around that locality.

6. View Centre Business

As sport takes over with more lovers, especially in the game of football, these lovers of football needs a sport to view/watch their various teams play. They pay tokens as little as N100 per match at viewing centres, which are limited around Awka.

Setting up a viewing centre around awka world yield great profit, especially if it goes with a cold spot where viewers could buy and enjoy cold drinks as they watch their games.

7. Betting Business

Setting up a betshop around awka too isn’t a bad idea, as long as you’ve got a perfect location with more stakers. Its returns are incredibly good. You can give it a try.

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8. Saloon Business

It is always in the heart of any sin mind to look good and attractive. And that’s what saloons can do, especially in a location like awka with high population.

Setting up a saloon is no doubt going to put more cash than you expect in your pocket, provided your hand work is pretty cool.

9. Laundry Service Business

10. Selling of wears:



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