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Raising a Family in Anambra State: Pros, Cons, and Things to Consider


Choosing where to raise a family is a significant decision. Anambra State, in Southeast Nigeria, offers a unique blend of potential benefits and challenges for families. Let’s dive into an honest exploration of the pros, cons, and essential factors to consider if you’re envisioning building a family life in Anambra State.

Pros: Raising a Family in Anambra State

Strong Communal Values: Igbo culture places a high emphasis on family and community. Living in Anambra State provides children with a close-knit environment with extended family often playing an active role.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Anambra State boasts a thriving entrepreneurial culture, fostering a mindset of ambition and resilience which can be inspiring for children to witness.

Educational Opportunities: The state has reputable schools offering quality primary and secondary education. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, in Awka is a respected tertiary institution.

Cultural Richness: Raising children in Anambra State means immersing them in the rich Igbo cultural heritage, its traditions, festivals, and language.

Cons: Raising a Family in Anambra State

Infrastructure Challenges: Certain areas of the state might struggle with inconsistent power supply and underdeveloped road networks. These can cause disruptions to daily life.

Limited Recreational Facilities: Availability of family-friendly recreational spaces like modern parks, playgrounds, or cinemas can be inconsistent across different towns in the state.

Cost of Living Differences: The cost of housing, especially in major cities like Awka and Onitsha, can be relatively high compared to some other regions in Nigeria.

Security Concerns: It’s essential to be aware that some parts of Anambra State have experienced security challenges, requiring vigilance and careful consideration.

Key Things to Consider

Specific Location: Experiences can vary significantly between different towns and communities within Anambra State. Research specific areas carefully before making a decision.

Family Support: Evaluate if you have extended family residing nearby who could provide potential support with childcare or emergencies.

Career Opportunities: Consider the job market in the specific location as it relates to your field and your family’s financial needs.

School Choices: Research the schools in your desired area to ensure they align with your standards, educational approach, and your child’s individual needs.

Additional Factors

Healthcare Access: Ensure adequate access to healthcare facilities, particularly for younger children, in your chosen area.

Adaptability: Raising a family anywhere calls for flexibility. Be prepared to embrace a new way of life while adjusting to both the rewards and challenges.

Personal Priorities: Define those priorities as a family – is it a tight-knit community, top-notch schooling, or proximity to nature? Understanding these will guide your decision.

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The Verdict

Raising a family in Anambra State offers a unique mix of benefits and potential hurdles. It can be an enriching experience with the vibrant culture, strong community ties, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. However, it also demands careful planning, prioritizing your family’s specific needs, and thorough research into the location you choose.

If you are seeking a close-knit environment steeped in tradition, appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit, and value education, Anambra State could be a place to build a fulfilling family life. However, meticulously explore all relevant factors to ensure it aligns with your family’s aspirations and well-being.



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